Importance Of Jersey Numbers In Soccer – Episode 41

Jersey Numbers aren’t just Jersey Numbers in Soccer. They mean so much more. They are a way to identify players, a status symbol, a marketing tool, and a way for clubs to make a ton of money.  The news of a player changing their jersey number can fill pages and pages of news articles. So clearly people care about that. We decided to dive deep into this topic and dissect why it matters so much.

In this episode we also spent a good portion of the episode discussing the news of the week in soccer culture including the announcement that La Liga will be playing at least 1 game a season in the United State for the next 15 years. We talked about the Columbus Crew relocation issue with news from Austin, TX approving plans for a soccer stadium as well as news that Mark Wahlberg would love to buy the Columbus Crew. And lastly we discussed why Arsenal Fan TV has rebranded to AF TV and what it means.

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