Episode 33 – Foreign Born International Players & Nationalism in Soccer

With our Increasingly globalized world, it seems like the lines of Nationalities in Soccer are being blurred. There are many Foreign Born players who represent a country different from the one of their birth. Players In the 2018 World Cup such as Diego Costa, Pepe, Raheem Sterling, Bruno Fernandes and Several others were all born in countries different from the ones they are currently representing. This isn’t a new phenomena as several legendary players also did the same. Players such as Eusebio, Miroslave Klose, Patrick Vieira, Lukas Podolski, Patrice Evra, all contributed to this trend. That being said, this World Cup it seems as if it has hit its highest point yet. Because of this we decided to take a look at this phenomena and examine what it means to not only the players, but also the fans and people of that country.

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