Episode 25 – Hooliganism

While hooliganism has certainly died down, it still persists around the world and figures to feature prominently at the Russian World Cup and in the future. Hooliganism is an undeniable black mark on the global game but also figures so prominently in the history of the culture of the sport.
You may have seen Russian and English Hooligans clashing in Marseilles at Euro 2016. It was a grotesk and repulsive scene as they caused riots around France. Google “English vs. Russian Marseilles” or “The Battle of Marseilles” to see just how repulsive it was.
The Goal of this episode is to talk about the impact Hooliganism has had on the global game, both good and bad. And show that while its been unsettling and disgusting, it has made an undeniable impact on its history and how the global game has progressed to where it is today. As well as to show that Football Hooliganism is nowhere to being cured or solved and could pose a huge issue going forward.

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