Episode 19 – Growth of Chinese Soccer

What do Tevez, Oscar, Drogba, Paulinho, Carrasco, Hulk, and Ramires all have in common? They all made big money moves to play in the Chinese Soccer League over the last few years. You may be wondering, why China?

China has been searching for sporting achievement for years in the Olympics. As one of the few nations that can actually compete with the United States in the search for gold medals, China has been relatively successful at producing sporting stars.

China is looking for new sporting achievements. In a recent statement, China has stated that they want to host and win a World Cup but the year 2050. Not only that, China wants to produce the new Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar.

With all it’s economic growth over the last decade, China is now pouring all their resources into the sport of soccer club owners are doing anything and everything to get the big names into China in order to raise the competition levels, and interest in the sport.

We discuss what we think about China’s newfound passion for the sport. If it’s good for the global game, or if political involvement with the sport is just too much.

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