Episode 18 – FIFA Video Games Are Growing Soccer Culture

You’ve most likely seen viral videos of people smashing their controllers against a wall because they just lost a match in FIFA on a late 90th-minute goal. The EA sports soccer series has grown to become the highest selling game franchises in the world. Every year people line up to buy the latest installment of FIFA.

Why has FIFA become so popular? Players, avid soccer fans, and non-soccer fans love playing FIFA, but why? We discussed exactly why the FIFA game series has become the game to play. Players using FIFA as a simulation tool, to better their skills on the pitch. Fans enjoying what many call the “best dorm-room video game”. FIFA has something for everyone.

As the world of eSports is beginning to take off, we are seeing professional teams employing young FIFA superstars, and making them the face of their clubs in the eSports world. On YouTube, you can find hundreds of FIFA dedicated channels (KSI, JMX Football, W2S, to name a few) that have allowed fans a means to make a living off of this game.

Needless to say, FIFA is huge. Can FIFA even be credited with some of the rises in popularity of soccer here in the US? We dive a little into all of these topics and discuss why FIFA is so important to Soccer Culture.

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