Episode 15 – Money in Soccer: How Much is Too Much?

Money is the root of all evil, right? Some soccer fans would argue this old saying is very true when talking about Money in Soccer. Other fans understand that as their clubs grow, so does its financial interest, and that’s just the way things go.

Whether you are on one side or the other we can all agree that money is important to any and every soccer club in the world. Clubs need money in order to survive; from paying players, staff, to maintaining training facilities and youth academies, money is needed. So it’s no surprise that more and more clubs are starting to be run like businesses. Without financial growth, it is hard to maintain a club alive. But at what point does the need for money overshadow the need for soccer glory? At what point does the chase for money affect how the everyday fan experiences his or her local club?

This week we delve into this very subject. We look at how money affects all of the different leagues around the globe. From game scheduling to sponsorships, to stadium right, we analyze how money has crept its way into almost every aspect of the game we cherish, and we discuss, is money ruining soccer?

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