Episode 14 – USSF Presidential Election and the Future of our Nations Soccer legacy

Given that the United States Soccer Federation just had their new presidential election this past weekend, we sat down to discuss some of the biggest points that all of the candidates were basing their candidacies on. This episode was recorded prior to the voting so we do not disclose who wins.

In this episode we look at a handful of the eight candidates, and use their views as a gateway into our discussion on these four main topics:
Pay 2 Play/Youth Development
Women’s Equality/NWSL
Transparency/Role of the USSF president

Since we knew this episode would be coming out after the election, we gave our views on these four topics, along with some of the more prominent views of the candidates.

It’s our hope that through this discussion you get a better perspective on the issues that the new USSF President has to tackle within the coming months. We hope, that no matter which candidate is elected, that he or she does what is in the best interest of the fans, and acts in hope of making soccer truly competitive in the world.

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