Atlanta United Supporter Culture – Episode 45

Since its inception, Atlanta United has had something that most MLS clubs would die for; a massive group of match-going supporters. Whether it be at the Bobby Dodd stadium, or their brand new, state-of-the-art Mercedes Benz stadium, Atlanta United supporters are there when their team plays. We had the wonderful opportunity to speak to President of Terminus Legion, Austin Long about all things Atlanta United and their supporter culture.

Terminus Legion is one of Atlanta United’s largest and most involved supporters groups. Austin broke down exactly what it means to be an Atlanta United fan, and more specifically, how Terminus Legion fits within the large community of Atlanta United fans. Austin also touched on U.S. Soccer culture in general and how important supporting local soccer clubs truly is.

Apart from that Austin gave us a really open and honest opinion on where he sees this current Atlanta United team going in the future. This was truly a fun episode filled with some great insight into the Atlanta United supporter culture.

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One reply on “Atlanta United Supporter Culture – Episode 45

  • Sarah Ingman

    Terminus Legion is just a great group. My husband and I are among the “older” fans and we have been welcomed with open arms both with our local chapter “78 Hooligans” and the larger legion.

    Austin and the other leadership do a great job!

    All Aboard!


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