Is America Ready for Promotion & Relegation? – Episode 53

Finally, here it is. The big one. In this episode, we spoke extensively about promotion & relegation and what it would mean for the country. We talked about what it is, why america has been so opposed to it, why it matters, and why america needs to implement it as a system. We are very proud of this episode and hope that it is informative and fun! We also spoke about a few other smaller topics, such as Paul Pogba buying NBA style championship rings for the French National Team, The explosion of Female Soccer in Europe, and even illegal streamers. So this episode has a little bit of everything. You can find us on: iTunes Google Play YouTube Spotify: You Can Also Find out more about us: Site Instagram Facebook YouTube For any questions, comments, concerns, ideas Email: As always we hope you enjoy the episode! Please leave us the 5-star REVIEW and hit that SUBSCRIBE button! Don’t be scared to share the podcast with a friend either! Cheers!  

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